Bodytalk distant sessions

How does distant healing work?

Distant healing is like a particular frequency pinging back and forth over the air waves.

Quantum physicists have presented the existence of a zero point field through which everything that exists in the Universe is connected. Importantly, this connection is independent of time and space. And this connection is what allows quantum healing therapists, such as energy healers, to perform distant healing effectively.

For your BodyTalk distant healing session, Frank Gomez uses the quantum healing principles of the BodyTalk System. In this state the intuition is extremely heightened and all information that exists becomes readily accessible. This is a state where quantum entanglement (i.e. the interconnectedness between everything that exists) becomes more tangible, so it is easy for Frank to link with you at a distance performing all the balances required as if you were with him. Frank uses a foam figure as a Surrogate for focusing areas of the body.

You can choose to connect on Skype, Brave,phone during the session, or go about your day while Frank does your session.

Try quantum: the logical way for natural health and wellness!

Quantum physics research and modern scientific discoveries reveal that distant healing (also known as remote healing, distance healing or long-distance healing) is just as effective as in person treatments in achieving holistic health and wellness for the mind and body. Quantum physicists have debated for the existence of the zero point field through which we are all connected and this connection is independent of time and space as we know it. This important finding gives scientific credibility to distant healing..

Can science measure the effects of distant healing?

The effect of distant healing can be observed through the so called Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), developed by Dr Thornton Streeter DSc. CEO CBS. PIP is now used worldwide for validating various alternative therapies. It highlights areas of well-being and disease with clear patterns and colors. Clinical trials in which the PIP technique was used to measure the level of healing obtained during distant healing sessions showed remarkable measurable difference between the Before and After photographs. In one of those trials the patient was in India and the practitioner was in Sweden. PIP indicated that the patient responded instantly to the remote healing treatment, and areas highlighted as blocked/diseased before the treatment cleared immediately after the treatment. In another trial, distant BodyTalk sessions were sent from Colorado, USA, to subjects at the Center for Biofield Science in Pune, India. In this experiment (conducted by Thornton Streeter DSc., Dr.Ravi Pryag, Dr. Vaibhav Lunkad, MBBS, Don Ka'imi Pilipovich, DAc, LMT, and Shivali Dandekar), the biofield scans reported noticeable changes in the biofield of ALL experimental subjects while the BodyTalk distant healing was being performed.

How does the practitioner send distant BodyTalk sessions?

Mainly two characteristics of BodyTalk:

Muscle testing
Normally, in a BodyTalk session (except in BodyTalk Access) investigation exploration is accomplished through muscle testing to determine what aspects of the client’s bodymind need to be balanced and order of priority. During in-person sessions, the muscle testing is done on the client. During distant sessions, the practitioner does the muscle testing on himself asking questions about the physical and mental health of the client.

Tapping upon the client’s head, heart complex and over the gut is at the heart of each BodyTalk balancing method. Tapping creates shift’s in various electromagnetic fields of the bodymind, which in turn leads to changes on a cellular level and opportunity for the healing process. During in-person sessions the tapping is done by the practitioner directly onto the client.

During distant sessions, tapping is done either by the client (if there is a real time Skype/phone connection) or it is sent out into the quantum field by the practitioner and it “locates” the client by way of specific focusing on a surrogate doll.

Why choose distant healing?

Because it is effective!

Because it works fast!

Because it is convenient!

Thousands of people nowadays choose to have distant BodyTalk sessions, either because the practitioner they like does not live in their area, or simply because it saves time.

All distant clients have been reporting remarkable improvement in their physical and mental health and wellness as a result of their distant BodyTalk treatments.