Sessions and Rates

How long is a BodyTalk session?

Doing a remote/ distance, duration of a session between 30-45 minutes. Before the first session, the client will be asked to fill out an intake form . Allow for more time for your first BodyTalk balance to discuss the form.

Remote / Distant sessions only, currently no in person sessions

How does a distance/remote session work?

Distance sessions can be in real time using Brave, Skype(audio only) , phone or they can be done for non present sessions I will email the results. Distance sessions are as powerful and effective as in-person sessions.

A foam doll is used as a Surrogate for all distant remote sessions.

How often should a person have a BodyTalk session?

For the best results, plan on three times initially to start. Each session uncovers deeper layers of “issues we hold in our tissues.” Some clients like monthly maintenance sessions to ensure a healthy communication within the bodymind and a feeling of well-being. It is always interesting to see what comes up.

Session payments

Minimum 3 sessions

$197 three sessions by Paypal or pay by check $189 for a bundle of 3 ($63 each)

$386 for a bundle of 6 by Paypal or $378 by check for bundle of 6 ($63 each)