What is Bodytalk ?

BodyTalk is an energy healing healthcare system that helps reconnect the communication within the bodymind so we can be our healthiest and happiest self.

How does it work ?

BodyTalk is based on the premise that the body is innately intelligent and can heal itself (just like a cut finger) as long as the lines of communication are intact. Stress (psychological, emotional, environmental) is a major contributor to health issues because it compromises our body’s ability to heal. BodyTalk addresses this stress.

Using subtle neuromuscular biofeedback, the BodyTalk practitioner can identify and help release stress so your body, mind, and spirit can heal.

What conditions can it improve ?

anxiety, stress, depression, releasing fears and phobias, sensitvities and allergies, infections and viruses, digestive and endocrine disorders, chronic pain and fatigue, hormone imbalances, headaches, shifting limiting beliefs, relationships with self and others, whole bodymind healthcare.

What comes up in a BodyTalk session, is what is the greatest priority for the body to heal at that time of sessions.

What to expect following a BodyTalk/Somatic Experiencing Session

While you may experience a wide range of body and mind reactions/sensations following a BodyTalk and/or Somatic Experiencing session.

Some of the most common. Please note that the most significant changes are often noticed up to 3 days following a session, which occur as your body and mind integrate the new energy that has been released, reset and/or integrated.

-Feeling more relaxed

-Increased or decreased symptoms (more or less pain in body and mind, including psychological/emotional symptoms) as energy moves

-Much more energy/much less energy

-Feeling more emotional than usual as stuck emotions move

-Sensing slightly nauseous as toxic waste moves out and/or the Vagus nerve resets  Sleeping longer as the body and mind integrates energetic changes

-Experiencing heightened awareness, e.g. increased ability to see/change old habit patterns

-Feeling like you were “hit by a truck” as your body overhauls old energetic patterning

-Feeling little during the first couple of sessions, particularly if your system is sluggish

-Feeling so much better It is a normal part of the healing process for pain to surface before decreased pain/a greater sense of well-being is experienced, though this is not the case for everyone.

Please Note, In Addition, changes to overall health can be experienced quite quickly and/or may take a number of sessions depending on the issues. Many health issues have various emotional, mental, physical and spiritual layers that require more commitment than others to unraveling and being revealed, particularly if they are long-standing issues and have carried them for several years. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on your healing journey and for taking care of your health and overall well-being.